Multi-Gigabit Communications Using Infrared Technology

As the storage capacity of mobile devices increases, there has been a surge in the requirements for greater data communications capacity. Multi-use mobile devices now take pictures, download movies, music and videos and exchange these large data packets between users. To meet the demand of the present, IrDA Giga-IR Special Interest Group (SIG) developed specifications for the infrared communication speed of 1Gbps (125Mbyte/sec). This was a breakthrough in optical wireless communication. Devices will be able to send an entire compressed music CD less than a second (literally with a blink of eyes). To meet the challenges of the future, the Giga-IR SIG continues to work toward achieving even higher optical wireless communication speeds. Recent innovative improvements to protocol layers and transceiver designs now allow IrDA technology to be more efficient, extend the distance up to 3m and enable much wider angles. The current collaboration of making the speeds of 5 and 10 Gigabits per second using infrared technology a reality is lead by a international group of technology corporations.