OBEX (Object Exchange) Protocol

OBEX is a compact, efficient, binary protocol that enables a wide range of devices to exchange data in a simple and spontaneous manner. A major use of OBEX is a “Push” or “Pull” application, allowing rapid and ubiquitous communications among portable devices or in dynamic environments. For instance, a laptop user pushes a file to another laptop or PDA; an industrial computer pulls status and diagnostic information from a piece of factory floor machinery; a digital camera pushes its pictures into a film development kiosk, or if lost can be queried (pulled) for the electronic business card of its owner. However, OBEX is not limited to quick connect transfer disconnect scenarios – it also allows sessions in which transfers take place over a period of time, maintaining the connection even when it is idle. PCs, pagers, PDAs, phones, printers, cameras, auto-tellers, information kiosks, calculators, data collection devices, watches, home electronics, industrial machinery, medical instruments, automobiles, and office equipment are all candidates for using OBEX. Because OBEX is an industry standard and platform independant, it has been adopted by other platforms such as Radio Frequency applications.